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Running Performance was created from the combination of knowledge and passion for running. Our goal is to help both runners and those who are not yet running. The activity covers several sectors, from coaching, through the organization of running events and lectures, to professional endurance test and technique analysis. The rational combination of learning, experience, reliability and a comprehensive approach to the customer are the features that characterize Running Performance.

All trainers cooperating with Running Performance are valued specialists in their field. There were excellent athletes graduates of the Academy of Physical Education, coaches of the national team, coaches of the best Polish sports clubs, with extensive experience in leading athletes at the amateur and pro level. We have gathered our experience over many years of conducting trainings, organizing running camps, cooperation with competitors at the highest sports level. On an ongoing basis, everyone is subject to training in new areas and directions of development, both in practical and theoretical terms, including in aspects such as physiology, biochemistry and biomechanics of physical effort. The organization of camps in various places around the world allowed us to get to know and see various training systems. See the methods of the best athletes and coaches in the world. Among other things, we had the pleasure of being and training with the best players in the Kenyan of Iten „Home of champions”. The knowledge and training system that we have built and which we have at our disposal allows us to translate the acquired knowledge into practical activities in the field of amateur athletes. We cooperated with Kenyan competitors who stayed in Poland in 2009 and 2010, among others with Michael Karonei (a 6-time winner of the Warsaw Half Marathon). There are many advisors and trainers on the market, but not everyone is able to understand and deal with the meanders of running training. It should be remembered that the organisms of the novice amateur and the competitor are not identical, although it might seem that we are made of the same clay and the effect of training should be the same. Unfortunately not! A given training for one competitor will be a quiet run, and for the other it will wreak havoc on the body. The first one will be able to do another training on the second day, the second will have to rest for a few days to return to full disposal. That is why it is so important to individualize the plan, full control, and focus on neglected things that prevent us from achieving our goals.

Cooperation with Running Performance means that you are under the supervision of professionals and specialists who will take care of your development in a multifaceted way. You can be sure that the money invested will bring relative results for your health and improvement in form. In addition, cooperation with Running Performance is the certainty of receiving the service for which you paid, in the event of failure to provide the service, we guarantee a refund of the money paid. We invite you to cooperate and enter a new dimension of running!

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Experience an amazing running adventure with us!

A trip to a training camp is not only about running, but also great fun, spending time with amazing people from different parts of the country and more. Professional care of coaches, sports facilities, beautiful grounds, excellent hotels are things that should encourage all running enthusiasts.
Here you will learn about the latest training solutions, improve your technique, learn about quick regeneration methods, strengthen your muscles and develop your running wings.