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The offer is addressed to all those who want to start running or have already caught the running bug. If you want to lose a few kilos, improve your well-being and endurance, are not satisfied with your personal best, do you want to run a marathon and do not know how to prepare for it? Browse the offer, we can help you with this.




Most beginners and even advanced runners make a lot of training mistakes or run in a disorderly, chaotic manner, without a specific purpose, not using their full potential, and even causing harm to their body. Many people become unmotivated without seeing progress, or they get bored of running alone. Personal trainers available on the Internet use ready-made plans sent by e-mail, without the possibility of contact and correction of training on an ongoing basis. With us you have the opportunity to meet “face to face”, the trainer accompanies you during the most important trainings, which allows you to better control your plan and adapt it to changes taking place in the body.
Preparing the plan is preceded by an analysis of your previous training, the necessary tests and running tests. In addition to an individually prepared plan, the cooperation involves the analysis of the running technique, its possible improvement, as well as the development of various types of strengthening, stretching and plyometric exercises. All these elements are designed to raise your overall fitness to a higher level, strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and thus prevent injuries. The knowledge you will gain will help you get more joy and satisfaction from training, your running will become more effective and less tiring. Running with a trainer gives you inner peace, allows you to devote yourself to training without fear of injury or overtraining.
  • Those looking for a way to lose weight
  • Preparing for fitness exams for aspirant, police and military schools
  • Willing to achieve better results in sports competition
  • With athletes of other sports in which efficiency and fitness play a key role
  • We also help people who treat recreational jogging as hygiene of everyday life
  • The benefits you get from training with a personal trainer
training PLN 200
a package of 6 trainings PLN 900


Face to face training

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  • Kraków
    Paulina Golec

    A graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow. A track and field coach Medalist of the Polish Championships, active athlete, her specialization is long-distance running, including the marathon. It will help you achieve your dream goal, whether it’s improving your overall physical condition or preparing for a competition. He is interested in many issues related to sport and physical activity, i.e. motor skills, dietetics and physiology.

  • Częstochowa
    Jakub Jelonek

    Graduate and PhD student at the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow. Athletics Coach. Participant of the Olympic Games in Beijing and Rio de Janeiro. Multimedalists of the Polish Championships. A trainer who will help you find your goal and guide you step by step.

  • Warszawa
    Kamil Krauze

    A graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw. athletics coach. Former professional competitor with amazing results 1000m – 2:29:50, 3 km – 8:25:00, 10 km – 31:43, 21 km – 1:11:43. A specialist in long-distance training. It will help beginners and advanced runners to spread their wings.

  • Kraków
    Małgorzata Janik

    A graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow. Former athlete. A sports instructor with a specialization in athletics. Women’s training specialist. It will help you take your first steps in running, get back in shape after giving birth, or show you how to exercise while pregnant. It will help you reach your running goal and get a slim figure.

  • Kraków
    Marek Kawik

    A graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Kraków. A II class coach with a specialization in athletics. Former competitor in middle distance. Trainer of the fitness and motor preparation of the Polish floorball team of juniors. A trainer to help you improve both your endurance and motor aspects.

  • Szczawnica
    Michał Jarosz

    A missionary trainer, a graduate of the University of Physical Education, former Polish representative, medalist of the World Cup and the Polish Championships. For many years he lived in the Peruvian Andes, running at altitudes of 3000m – 4500m above sea level. He conducts individual trainings, weekends, mini-camps and running trips in the mountains. Preparation for ultra runs, consultations on running techniques and mountain running techniques.

  • Wrocław

    A specialist of individual training and group training. It will squeeze the last sweat out of you and motivate you to continue working. For many years he has been successfully competing at distances from 5 km to the half marathon. It will help both beginners and advanced runners to spread their wings.

  • Kraków
    Krzysztof Janik

    A graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Kraków. Former competitor, medalist of the Polish Championships. He works with amateur and pro athletes. A specialist in training from 10 km to ultramarathons. It will help you develop your running and theoretical abilities. Excellent coach and lecturer.


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