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A more fit and healthier person is the key to personal and professional development
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Running training for corporate is about more than just running. During our classes, we focus on the neglected elements. We do a lot of strengthening exercises that are useful both in running and in everyday life. We are working on the comprehensive development of the whole body. We improve the running technique, analyze participants’ mistakes, and advise in preparation for specific competitions. Our proprietary training programs are tailored to groups of people with different levels of physical fitness. Therefore, both a beginner and a highly advanced participant will be able to perform a demanding training focused on the development of his personal form. Our experience with many leading brands shows that employees who use our services are able to integrate better, express a greater willingness to act on a professional basis and feel physically and physically healthier.

A more fit and healthier person is the key to personal and professional development.

A dose of knowledge for a beginner and advanced amateur athlete.

    For example:

  • How to motivate yourself to exercise regularly
  • How to run in winter
  • Vegetarian and vegan diets. Facts and Myths
  • Truths and myths surrounding the nutrition of an amateur athlete

Meetings are designed to strengthen and stretch muscles weakened by sedentary work. Restore natural curves and improve muscle tone.
During training, we will perform exercises that are recommended by physiotherapists and trainers in order to prevent back pain and related muscles. Classes will be conducted under the supervision of a trainer who will directly take care of the correct performance of the exercises.

Meetings during strengthening training in a remote form, which will motivate the group to work and give a “kick” for the next week of training.
During training, we will perform exercises that are recommended in the prevention of injuries in running training. In addition, the group will have direct contact with the trainer during which you can ask questions that will arise during the previous week.

During the classes, we will deal with the improvement of mobility in the joints and the restoration of the full range of motion of our body. Stretching contracted muscles and making them flexible again.
During the classes, we will perform exercises recommended by specialists as a weekly routine for every health-conscious person. Classes conducted under the supervision of a specialist who will take care of the technical performance of the exercises.

Q & A
During the meeting, participants will be able to receive professional tips from the trainer regarding training and all elements related to their running. The meeting will be conducted online and each participant will be able to ask questions.
We can also organize a similar form of meeting with our dietitian who will answer participants’ questions.

We conduct running trainings in the field and organize company challenges by preparing and motivating employees to achieve the goal.

    Examples of activities for other companies:

  • 3 month running challenge
  • 3 running groups (start running, 10km goal, half marathon goal)
  • preparation of training plans for each group in our RunningPerformance application
  • Q&A meetings once a month for each group
  • once a week training in “Stabilization and strength”
  • monthly webinar
  • establishing and running a club on the STRAVA platform (application for training analyzes and statistics)

The training plan for the selected target will be available in our application in a free package. There you will find detailed descriptions of running training sessions that participants should perform during the week. Including additional workouts like stretching and strengthening exercises. A plan will be written for each goal for the entire duration of the project.
What is included in the package of individual training plans
  • An individual account on our platform.
  • The trainer will automatically generate a training plan for everyone based on its current form and the intended running goal.
  • The account allows you to automatically download training sessions from your STRAVA account and send them to our website.
  • Access to a trainer who will answer your questions during the implementation of the plan

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Here you will learn about the latest training solutions, improve your technique, learn about quick regeneration methods, strengthen your muscles and develop your running wings.