"... encyclopedia of knowledge about the athlete and his physiology"
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After the performance tests, we are able to determine the current state of your body’s preparations and select the training loads very accurately. By examining changes in the concentration of lactic acid in the blood under the influence of physical effort, we obtain the data needed to very precisely define the thresholds and training zones. Training based on as much information flowing from your body as possible allows you to control training activities in a very precise way. Systematic testing allows you to achieve excellent results.



„Endurance test for a layman are a list of meaningless numbers, for a professional an encyclopedia of knowledge about the athlete and his physiology”



  • Conducting a progressive running fitness test according to the protocol of prof. Jerzy ZOLODZ
  • Measurement during the test of parameters: intensity, heart rate, lactic acid concentration
  • Analyzing the test by:
    determination of metabolic thresholds AT, LT determined by the heart rate parameters and the concentration of lactic acid in the blood designation of training zones determined by pace and heart rate results with interpretation and coaching tips
PLN 290




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