The training calculator will help you train and start in an orderly manner and avoid mistakes in adjusting the intensity. I will show you how your weight and air temperature influence your results. Become a more conscious runner! Read about our TRAINING AIDS, TRAINING INTENSITIES AND TRAINING CONCEPT.

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running calculator
Our training calculator is a great tool for both people who start their adventure with running and those more advanced. Thanks to this tool, you will not make training mistakes such as incorrectly selected training speeds and intensities. You will be able to adjust your speeds to your current running form. Entering your resting heart rate and maximum heart rate will allow you to determine your individual intensity zones with one beat accuracy. Entering the result from the last start will allow you to estimate the exact pace of your training in terms of speed measured in minutes per kilometer as well as kilometers per hour. The second option will be useful for people who train on a mechanical treadmill. Additionally, you will be able to see how the current form translates into results at other distances. Calculating the pace is very simple and allows you to react to changes in your training in real time. The calculator will also help you to relate to the influence of temperature on starting and training speeds and to lower them accordingly. Additionally, by entering your weight and height, you can get valuable tips on your abilities and weight reserves and their impact on your results in the competition. The table of split times at a certain intensity will be useful in faster and more accurate training composition during incomplete rest, i.e. in interval training.
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