Many runners make basic mistakes when competing at different distances. The main one is a badly chosen running strategy. This calculator will allow you to achieve a better result than you expect! Read more about the RACE STRATEGY

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The Race strategy calculator is a great tool for people looking for the optimal distribution of forces during starts at distances from 10 km to a marathon. Proper planning of the run allows you to avoid disappointments during the competition, develop your abilities over the course of the distance and achieve the optimal result for which you are currently prepared. In most cases, you manage to avoid the so-called "wall" in the marathon and finish it with a smile on your face and good speed in the finish. You can choose between two strategies that work well for runners.

Run at a steady pace

The first one is run steadily, which means that you run each kilometer at the same pace as the average of the result you want to achieve. It works well for athletes who are afraid that they will not be able to accelerate in the final phase of the competition.

Negative split

The second strategy is "negative split", which we recommend to all our athletes and we believe that it is the best method a athlete can choose. It consists in gradual acceleration on individual and specific sections over the distance you start. The acceleration diagram is carefully estimated and presented in the calculator. The sum of the speeds gives the result you want to achieve. The use of this method also helps when you estimate the result for which you want to run too ambitiously. We explain the whole principle of operation in the article "Choosing the best racing strategy".

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